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Aikapatya : Talent Management

Talent Acquisition

Team Aikapatya has been working for close to 5 years towards delivering a manpower solutions platform, to provide a time bound solution which would result in the newly identified resource joining the client in the minimum possible time. This results in reduced recruitment-cycle-time (RCT) and higher productivity.

We at Aikapatya,are committed to providing time-bound talent identification solutions for the requirements you may have across any vertical. Our's is a highly effective process of recruitment which criticaly examines the requirement at client end in order to provide the most suitable candidates for the positions available.

From understanding the need, to source selection and screening, every acvtivity is done in such a manner so as to yield maximum suitable profiles for the requirement. We work closely with the client in shortlisting the candidate for any position by ensuring that the candidate attends atleast two rounds of interview with our team, which results in only most suitable candidate profiles being sent to the client for further selection.

Aikapatya Talent Manager (ATM)

ATM Prioirty
TAT for closure - 7 to 10 Days | Dedicated TA Team | Daily Update | Document / Employement Verification

ATM Standard
TAT for closure - 21 to 30 Days | Professional Approach | Dedicated TA Specialist | Weekly Updates